Maryland HBCU Legislation

2020 Maryland General Assembly Session


On Thursday evening, March 12 around 7:00 pm, members of the Maryland State House of Delegates took a historic floor vote on House Bill 1260, the bill known as the HBCU Funding bill.  Under the leadership of House Speaker Adrienne Jones, the bill passed 127 to 2!  A watershed moment in Maryland history and in the history of the institutions of higher education known for such important and significant contributions to the Maryland economy, professional ranks, diverse workforce, civil rights, democracy, and culture.  Under the leadership of Senator Charles Sydnor, a floor vote on SB 1043 took place on Sunday evening, March 15 around 5:00 pm in the Senate and the bill passed unanimously (45 to 0)!  

Maryland HBCU Advocates Respond to Gov. Hogan's Veto

HB 1260 / SB 1043 - Historically Black Colleges and Universities - Funding


Sponsors - House of Delegates

Del. Adrienne Jones [D]Del. Sheree Sample-Hughes [D]Del. Darryl Barnes [D]Del. Keith Haynes [D] Del. Curtis Anderson [D]Del. Regina Boyce [D]Del. Frank Conaway [D]Del. Marvin Holmes [D] Del. Maggie McIntosh [D]Del. Nick Mosby [D]Del. Geraldine Valentino-Smith [D]Del. Melissa Wells [D]


Sponsors - Senate

Sen. Charles Sydnor [D]Sen. Melony Griffith [D]Sen. Malcolm Augustine [D]Sen. Joanne Benson [D]Sen. Jill Carter [D]Sen. Arthur Ellis [D]Sen. Antonio Hayes [D]Sen. Delores Kelley [D]Sen. Cory McCray [D]Sen. Obie Patterson [D]Sen. William Smith [D]Sen. Mary Washington [D]


Requiring the Maryland Higher Education Commission to establish certain new units to assist in evaluating and reviewing certain proposals for new programs and substantial modifications of existing programs; requiring the Governor, in each of fiscal years 2022 through 2031, to include in the annual State operating budget $57,700,000 to be allocated to certain historically black colleges and universities; establishing the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Reserve Fund; specifying the purpose and uses of the Fund; etc.

Bill Text (PDF)

SB 435 - Legal Education Success Collaborative - Established

Sponsors - Senate

Sen. Cory McCray [D]Sen. Charles Sydnor [D]


Establishing a Legal Education Success Collaborative between the University of Baltimore School of Law, the University of Maryland School of Law, and the Maryland historically black colleges and universities in order to increase diversity in the legal field; requiring certain appropriations to be made in certain fiscal years to the scholars programs at the University of Baltimore School of Law and the University of Maryland School of Law to expand their programs; etc.

Bill Text (PDF)

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